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Surf Cure // High Spazz

A long time ago High Spazz lost some footage and we thought we had lost out on some interviews but recently we came across an audio recording of one of our favorite bands Surf Curse! During a sunny California Sunday on the date of April 27, 2014 High Spazz stepped into the Smell to enjoy what was being called “Big Joy Breakfast #2”. We stepped inside talked a bit with Surf Curse then stepped outside to do a proper interview.

HZ: We are here at the Smell with Surf Curse!

J: I’m Jacob from Surf Curse.
N: And I am Nick from Surf Curse.

HZ: [points to Nick’s “The Babies” shirt] We were just talking about how much we both liked The Babies. Is that what you are into right now?

N: Yes.. er.. actually I’ve been into a lot of Canadian stuff.. that’s really good. Also a lot of Death Grips and I guess hip hop because my friend Sam has been driving me everywhere and he listens to a lot of “Swag 104.9” which is the local pop station in Reno. So we have been listening to a lot of good rap music, [lowers voice] and a lot of bad rap music.
J: The new Mac Demarco album is really good! I got that box set! It has the demos on it. Also the new
War on Drugs album is really rad. But I have been listening to a lot of old stuff like Kate Bush and
Fleetwood Mac as well.

HZ: So you guys are from Reno. Do you guys miss anything from there?

J: Well we both still live there.
N: Well right now I just miss me friends!
J: Oh yeah our friend just had a party/show there and we missed that.
N: I miss the casinos!
J: Oh yeah cause we just turned 21!

HZ: Are you guys lucky? What do you play?

N: Well it’s weird! Jacob is lucky!
J: No it was a one time thing!
N: Well I wanted to play Blackjack because I thought you had control over it but you totally don’t and Jacob said “You have to play the slots!” and I said
“No. Because slots are stupid.”

HZ: Are slots stupid?

N: Well Jacob won over a hundred dollars from putting in twenty dollars.
J: [nods his head and smirks]

HZ: Wait so you guys went to high school in Reno? How was that?

N: It was fun! I really liked it!
J: I fucking hated it. But we had different High Schools and we would still hang out all the time! Like every weekend! I kind of felt like I was going to school when I was eating an awful chicken sandwhich this morning.

HZ: So you guys haven’t had breakfast?

N: No!
J: Well not really! I threw away the chicken sandwich!
HZ: Well let’s go get some pancakes!

J: Yeah rad! Thanks for the interview
N: Yeah thanks!

HZ: Thank you guys as well!

After this we went to eat pancakes and the concert was awesome with people jumping off of walls and getting really crazy! If you haven’t yet go check out Surf Curse’s music at! Thank you for reading reader!

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